Question and answers about our motorcycle tours


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All of the hotels we choose for our tours in Greece stand out for a reason: Preservation and promotion of local architecture, great location, traditional cuisine, sustainable and caring for the destination practices.
On our tours abroad we select the hotels based on location, ease of access, secure parking and great value for money.
In all our tours, the hotels offer excellent facilities and very welcoming and friendly service that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable from the first moment!

1What is the type of accommodation ?
2Do the hotels offer secure parking for the motorcycles ?
3Are the hotels centraly located ?


We have selected restaurants for their quality, local recipes and use of local products, aiming to offer you a variety of tastes from traditional to everyday dishes.

Almost all dinners are included in our tours and what makes the difference is that you will eat like Greeks do : There are no first, second etc plates but a variety of dishes for you to choose from!

For the lunch stops the guides will be there to inform you about the available options, although you are free to discover new tastes by yourself!

We have to warn you :  We eat a lot in Greece !


1Is breakfast / lunch / dinner included ?
2I am Vegeterian / Vegan. Are there options for me ?
3For health reason I must avoid certain ingredients. What should I do ?
4When lunches or dinners are not included, will you provide suggestion or I have to search on my onw ?


Well known monuments and attractions like Meteora or Delfoi are of course included in the itineraries.

But what makes our tours to stand out is that you will have the chance to visit amazing but lesser known monuments - like the Royal Tombs of Vegina,  explore some of the most beautiful and untouched areas of Greece, experience and understand local culture, taste traditional cuisine and see things only locals do!

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2attr 2

Routes & Roads

We select the routes we take and the roads we use very carefully.

We prefer small, curvy and traffic -free roads, with nice scenery and vistas - ideal for touring on a motorcycle !

And wherever there are difficulties or points that need attentions, our experienced guides will give you all the necessary information to avoid surprises

1Raod 1

Rider equipment

1Raod 1


1Motorcycle 1
2Motorcycle 2

Driving rules

1Driver 1
2Driver 2

First tour abroad

1First 1
2First 2

Female riders

1Do you often have female riders on your tours ?
2Female 2

Documents and bureaucracy

1Docs 1
2Docs 2

Money and exchange

1What forms of payment are accepted in Greece / other countries ?
2If i come to a tour in non-Euro countries, do I have to make exchange in advance ?
No, there is no need to make exchange in advance.
We will provide details about the estimated expenses and will help you during the tour with exchange procedures.
3How much money will I need during the tour ?

Clothes and luggage

1What clothes should I pack ?
2Do I need formal clothes ?
3Can you store luggage during the tour ?
Yes, of course.
We can store luggage in our office while you are on tour.