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Γιώργος Χονδρογιάννης


Great people, excellent tour organization!!!!!
S. Spain - October '23

Pat & Linda N.

N. Zealand

I would recommend odyssey Moto tours.
There overall knowledge of the areas is amazing.
The enjoyment they seem to have in explaining attractions along the way is awesome.
There relaxed way is great.
There choices of accommodation are great.
They ride to the ability of other riders in group.
A truly amazing experience.
Kiwi Balkans Odyssey - May'23


N. Zealand

We enjoyed everything from day one until the end.
Being our first tour we had pretty high expectations and these were exceeded.
Great guides and tour members.
We had a blast.
Kiwi Balkans Odyssey - May'23

Joe and Carolyn O'Neill

N. Zealand

Carolyn and I absolutely loved the Balkans tour.
Each morning we would get on the bike and enjoy the fantastic roads on our way through amazing scenery to quite outstanding destinations.
It was a privilege to go with Thanassis through his own country and enjoy his enthusiasm for the culture and motorcycling in the places we visited.
So glad we did it.
Kiwi Balkans Odyssey - May'23

Γεώργιος Χανιώτης


The best organisation for travelling by motorcycle.

The organisation of the trips, the hotels and the travel executives are all excellent!!!!!
Black Sea - August '23
Dolomites - July '22 Endurance - June '22
Endurance - June '21 Aspropotamos - September'20
Imathia - June '20 Poland - August '19
Turkey - August '18 Bulgaria - April '18

Δημήτρης Φράγκος


You are a very good team, we were feeling safe.
Bosnia - July'22

Κωνσταντίνος Θ.


Everything was impeccable, the journey with you was a unique experience; the only problem is that it ends soon and then you anticipate your next participation..
Tuscany - May '22

Σωτήρης Μπερμπέρογλου


The trip was a very beautiful experience.
This is mainly due to the professionalism of the guide, the strict adherence to the schedule, the safety we felt during the trip, the choices of the routes on beautiful provincial roads.
Heart of Europe - June '23 Tuscany - May'22

Άκης Λιόνης


There were times when I felt the ultimate driving pleasure... I am looking forward to meeting our next motorcycle group...
The experience of a lifetime!
Serbia - August '23 Adriatic - September'22

Ιωάννης Κωνσταντίνου


Flawless organisation, sophisticated routes, amazing guides. .
Generally, you have nothing to think or stress about. Everything is well organised.
At the end of each trip, we are looking forward to the next!

Wonderful trip! Perfect organisation!
Beautiful places! Incredible company!
Thanks Odyssey!!!
Heart of Europe - June '23
Sicily - April '23 Montenegro - August '22
S. Italy - April '22 Tuscany - June '21
Peloponnese - October '20 Zagorochoria - October '20
Kastoria - September '20 Aspropotamos - September'20

Βαγγέλης Αλεξούδης


Keep organizing motorcycle tours so we can enjoy !
Romania - July'23
Adriatic - September'22 Odesa - September'21

Ιωάννης Βοζίκης


The organisation and adherence to the programme are remarkable.
Tunisia - October '22

Χαράλαμπος Α.


Very good organisation and a very rich and full schedule.
For us, this was our first trip and thank you for making it great!!!!
That's why we will participate in many more trips with you with great pleasure!!!
Heart of Europe - June '23 Sicily - April'23
Montenegro - August '22 Tuscany - May'22
Bulgaria - April '22 Imathia - March '22

Νικόλαος Κ.


It was a very beautiful and balanced trip! It combined pleasure from driving and food!
The guide in Edessa was a pleasant surprise.
Imathia - March'22 Aspropotamos - September '20

Δημήτριος Κώστας


Romania - July '23 Cappadocia - August'22

Μελέτης Τ.


An amazing trip for lovers of motorcycles.
Well-organised by our guides, Thanasis and Panagiotis.
All I had to think about was the pleasure of driving.
Everything else was taken care of by Odyssey Moto Tours.
S. Spain - October '23 Tunisia - October '22
Tuscany - May'18

Θανάσης Βρούβας


Experiences and people that I will always remember pleasantly.
I would love to be able to do something similar again.
Serbia - August '23 Adriatic - September '22

Γεώργιος Ντότας


Every trip is a new adventure, there is always something new... a surprise! Well done Thanasis, keep travelling !!!
As on all your Moto tours, this was another impeccable and organised experience! See you on the next one!
Epirus - October '23
Romania - July '23 Dolomites - June '22
Imathia - March '22 Kastoria - September'20

Νίκος Ζαχαράκης

Glyka Nera

The planning, organisation, visits to cultural places and ones where you can admire nature.
Bosnia - July '22 Romania - July '21

Θανάσης Μπάμης


It was the first motorcycle trip abroad...
And I had my son, who is 15 years old, with me; it was the perfect trip both for him and me; Thank you all very much for this experience..
Adriatic - September '22

Θανάσης Σ.


Great organisation and resolution of anything that might come up.
Safety is of utmost importance for the people who organise all this and they show their professionalism all the time!
Surely, in 2023, I will travel with Odyssey again!!!
Bosnia - July '22



Just...a big thank you...for the opportunity to have beautiful moments.
Your experience in organizing trips is now obvious because of the well-chosen routes, the nice hotels and the friendly atmosphere.
Dolomites - June '22 Bulgaria - April'22

Διαμαντής Μ.


I am very satisfied with the organisation, the routes and especially the absolute tranquillity that anyone who participates has as they are relieved of all difficulties.
Bosnia - July '22
Dolomites - July '21 Kastoria - May'21

Βασίλειος Τσαρτσιάφης


I enjoyed everything, from the organization to the hotels and the routes. It was perfect!!!!!!!
Romania - July '22 Bulgaria - October'21



Clearly the organisation but also the carelessness with respect to anything organisational ...
Cappadocia - August '22 Odessa - September '21
Aspropotamos - September '20 Tunisia - October ‘19
Montenegro - July ‘18 Romania - August ‘17


Heraclion, Crete

Perfect organization of the motorcycle tours
You feel safe
Cappadocia - August'22 Odesa - September '21
Aspropotamos - September'20 Tunisia - October ‘19
Montenegro - July ‘18 Romania - August‘17

Φίλιππος Μ.


Wishing everyone good trips!!!!!
Very good organisation and everything was great
S. Spain - October '23
Adriatic - September '22 Aspropotamos - September '21
Imathia - June '20 Poland - July '17

Γιώργος Πετσέλας


What I liked is the organisation...perfect in every way...and I highly recommend it to everyone!!!
Black Sea - August'23
Poland - July '22 Bulgaria - October '21

Γρηγοριάδου Δήμητρα


The best company with know-how in the field of Motorcycle Tourism.
It cannot be better!
I enjoy everything. Your know-how, the way that your organize the tours. EXCELLENT!
Epirus - October‘23 Black Sea - August '23
Heart of Europe - June ‘23 Sicily - April'23
Cappadocia - August ‘22 S. Italy - April '22
Tuscany - June ‘21 Aspropotamos - August '21
Bulgaria - October ‘21 Aspropotamos - September'20
Kastoria - September'20 Romania - July '20
Sicily - April'20 S. Italy - April'19

Νίκος Ι.


Once again, we were completely satisfied and were pleased to see that you are raising the bar regarding service further.
Congratulations and we are honestly curious to see what other positive thing you will think of!! We are looking forward to the 2024 programme with interest!!

Unreservedly, the best way to travel on a motorcycle is Odyssey!!
Ready for the next 😉

To trip was much more than very good. It filled our mind and mobile with beautiful images that you don't see regularly. We saw really beautiful places.
Bologna, Strasbourg, Colmar!!
For my standards, it was a complete journey from all angles: driving, accommodation, food, entertainment, sightseeing, places.
I think that everyone at Odyssey has done a very good job and this is very pleasantly clear.
Also, it is noteworthy that people of great character participate and that makes the whole journey even more enjoyable.
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the next one😉
Very decent organisation and execution of the trip with impeccable behaviour by all Odyssey participants.
I wish I could participate in more of your trips because every time the experience is unique on a driving, friendly, culinary and touristic level, but above all I think the friendly, gentle & dignified behaviour of your people is what counts. Thank you for the beautiful moments!!

The whole organisation of the journey was perfect, even if we gained a few extra pounds!!
The trip in Imathia has become a tradition and I don't think I'll ever miss it! Well done for everything! You exceeded our expectations !!!
Already looking forward to the next one ;-)

Once again, we had a great time together with friends who we had a lovely time with. Thank you Thanasis for the organisation, and Dimitris for the nice journey back.
I trust them blindly.
The only negative thing is that the journeys end quickly and we are left waiting for the next one.
No matter how many days they last, it is never enough because they pass very pleasantly and quickly.
I think that says it all.
Epirus - October'23 Balkans Adventure - July '23
Heart of Europe - June'23 Sicily - April'23
Turkey - August'22 Imathia - March'22
Aspropotamos - September'22 Odessa - September'22
Dolomites - July'21 Rumeli - May'21
Peloponesse - October'20 Zagorochoria - October'20
Kastoria - September'20 Imathia - June'20

Χρύσα Χ.

Thessaloniki, GR

Unprecedented experience with my motorcycle!!! Everything was great…The van was perfect because I left the bag and the trip was even more comfortable.
The picnics were organised in beautiful locations and the food was delicious and keeping us full until dinner.
I will definitely travel again if my professional responsibilities allow me.
Keep up the good work. Congratulations to all (Thanasis, Chrysa, the team and the rest of the team)
Epirus - October'23

Σέβη Παγούδη


We cannot wait to join the next motorcycle tour with you!
Epirus - October'23 Bulgaria - May'19

Ειρήνη Κ.


Great organisation, excellent professionals and people!!
Thank you for this wonderful experience and looking forward to the next motorcycle tour!
Epirus - October'23

Δημήτρης Παρασκευόπουλος


Excellent organization, excellent hospitality, you travel without worrying!!!! True professionals!
Epirus - October'23

Νίκος Κασάπης

Thessaloniki, GR

Very well-organised excursion with very kind and willing managers.
Epirus - October '23

Σωτήριος Μπακαούκας


Flawless and professional behaviour, warm and friendly environment throughout and the choices of locations and hotels were fantastic.
Indeed, the traveller has nothing to think about and enjoys his motorcycle tour.
I will definitely recommend your office and soon we will see each other again in subsequent moto tours.A big thank you to the organisers.
Cappadocia - September'23

Γεώργιος Φούφας


I strongly recommend a participation in an motorcycle tour with Odyssey Moto tours.
Cappadocia - September'23 Imathia - June'20

Γιάννης Νεαμονιτάκης


Quality motorcycle tours with excellent organisation.
The help from the support vehicle is remarkable and the guides too.
Well done to your whole team!

It was beautiful on our Motorcycle tour to the Adriatic. I'll see you soon, I hope!
Cappadocia - September'23 Adriatic - August '22



Professionalism, safety, passion.
Cappadocia - September'23
Tunisia - October'22 Montenegro - August'22



Incredible experience with very good organisation!
When you want to travel abroad by motorcycle and you don't want to worry about anything rather than having a good time, then it is good to turn to the "experts"!
Surely, in the near future, I will choose them again, to travel with them
Adriatic - August'23

Δημήτρης Αρέτας


After the unprecedented trip with you in the Balkans ( Balkans Adventure 2023 ), the only sure thing is the thirst for the next one...
Thank you for everything. Congratulations to Thanasis and all your associates.
Keep going
Balkans Adventure - July'23

Γιάννης Κ.

Agia Paraskevi

A friendly company that, with organisation and consistency, try to make our moto tour pleasurable!
The organisation!!
The will from the organiser and the guides.
Generally, I liked it!
I'd like it to be more relaxed.
Romania - July'23 Dolomites - June'22

Γιώργος Κατσικας


The best travel agency by far.
Organisation, security, certainty!!!!!!
Serbia - August'23 Adriatic - August'22

Ιωάννης Φίλης


Flawless organisation, professionalism, wonderful routes outside the national network, proper planning of stops in beautiful - usually notable places, full update about the routes each day, decent accommodation, support of emergency situations.
It is highly recommended, because all I had to do was enjoy every moment, as everything was organised and under control.
Serbia - August'23

Μιχάλης Μπολανάκης


Everything was thankfully well planned, without anything affecting the whole trip; I believe that the office, with the experience it has, is one of the best.
Black Sea - August'23 Odessa - September'21

Ιωάννης Προβιδάκης


Everything was perfect. And next year together.
Black Sea - August'23 Odesa - September'21

Γιάννης Ζήκος


Everything was fine.
Surely, in a big group, not everyone has the same mindset, but you adapt. Of course, this has nothing to do with the company; but with the participants.
Thank you for your understanding, your patience and your discretion.

Everything was positive. I can't think of anything negative. When you travel with a group, you obey the general order for the general good.
Thanasis, because of his capacity as a gymnast as well, has the ability to manage groups.
Black Sea - August'23 Romania - July '23

Νικόλαος Σμάγας

Thessaloniki, GR

Travelling with Odyssey is a real, unique, addictive experience of a getaway with your motorcycle.
In a moment, you just turn into a traveller, who tirelessly travels in new routes.
The feeling of security is really unique.
You have to experience it!!!!!
Romania - July'23 Cappadocia - August'22

Δημήτριος Μπαρμπάδης


Thanasis and all his associates are impeccable in what they do.
They are highly recommended.

Very nice company, good food and pleasant routes.
Thank you very much.
Adriatic - August'23 Romania - July'23
Cappadocia - August'22 Imathia - March'22
Bulgaria - October'21 Bosnia - August'21

Χρήστος Αρναουτόπουλος

Gerakas, Athens

Congratulations on such a good organization of the motorcycle tours.
Romania - July '23

Ο. Τ.

Aigaleo. GR

Very beautiful routes, a special experience, very good that there is a support vehicle!
Selected hotels, selected routes, a huge smile from Thanasis and the rest team, what else does a traveller want?
I took part in the trip to Rumeli to get to know you, but a problem with my motorcycle (although under warranty) did not let me take part in your other motorcycle tours!
My comments are very positive although I got to know you a bit! Of course you are very good at what you do and I will definitely try to take part in your next trips!
Romania - July'23
Bulgaria - April'22 Rumeli - May '21

Χ. Γ

Athens, GR

An excellent experience and a professional execution of a group trip by unknown travellers.
The routes were all ideally selected and were an experience that will be remembered.

Romania - July'23

Δημήτριος Σ.

Athens, GR

It was a trip that was a turning point for us. It was our first trip abroad with our motorcycle.
We were supported by everyone and helped since the first moment. An excellent atmosphere among the participants. A big company. Thanasis and the guides were clear in their instructions and concise.
Apart from everything else, the route to STELVIO will remain indelible in our memory, especially in the weather conditions it was completed. A unique experience. We did not feel insecure, not even for a moment during the moto tour.
Excellent work by the organisers. We look forward to our next trips in 2023.
Thank you.
ODYSSEY MOTO TOURS is a company staffed by connoisseurs of motorcycle tourism, with love & variety in what they offer, great patience with all of us and competitive prices.
It is the company that gives an actual answer to "when you really want something, you can".
Romania - July'23 Dolomites - June'22

Τάσος Καραγιάννης


Odyssey moto tours is a chapter in motorcycle tourism in our country and abroad!
It's no exaggeration to say that the majority of customers "came of age" regarding their motorcycle trips abroad through Odyssey’s organised motorcycle tours.
Moreover, it is no secret that many of us "came of age" in driving too through these trips - developing our driving skills – driving with people with great experience! Since then, of course, with the accumulated experience of these trips, some of us have travelled on our own or with groups we met through Odyssey’s past motorcycle tours.
But we never abandon this office and at the first opportunity we travel together to new and old destinations, while enjoying the professionalism, the safety, the experience and the always interesting new acquaintances!

The advantages of travelling with Odyssey Moto tours are huge and the concessions, which a group trip obviously entails compared to a private one, are negligible.
But if I had to focus somewhere, I would select the opportunity to travel with your favourite means without necessarily having another motorcycle companion.
Besides, we all feel safer when we are not travelling completely alone but there are other motorcycles in the company. In the group, you really feel warm and comfortable from the first moment and the wonderful experience is guaranteed!
Just try it!
Black Sea - August'23
Heart of Europe - June'23 Montenegro - August'22
Bosnia - July '22 S. Italy - April'22
Imathia - March'22 Romania - July '22
Tuscany - June'21 Kastoria - September'20

Κωνσταντίνος Ρ.

Athens, GR

I unreservedly recommend it.
Serious, professional, sophisticated, restless about new destinations, generally the best there is in Greece.
Epirus - October'23 Cappadocia - September '23
Heart of Europe - June'23 Tunisia - October'22

Παναγιώτης Τσιριγώτης

Metamorfosi, GR

Odyssey Moto Tours, the best in organised motorcycle tourism in our country!!!
Thanasis and the rest of his team are unique in what they do.
Nice places, routes that will take you too much time to discover on your own or you might probably never discover them, very good accommodation, with a programme that is carried out normally and with pleasant last-minute surprises!!!
What else can you ask for from an organised motorcycle tour.
All you want is time to go on more tours with them.
The organisation of the trip was very good!! The routes were fantastic!!
What Thanasis and his team offer cannot be found anywhere else in Greece!!
Thanasis, Panagiotis and Stavros are very friendly and helpful!!
The cost is very reasonable for what they offer you!!!

The only ones in Greece who provide these services with such a value for money for any motorcyclist who wants to go on an organised motorcycle tour!!!!
Heart of Europe - June'23
Romania - June '22 Dolomites -July'21

Γιάννης Μ.

Marousi, GR

Despite all the problems and difficulties, I appreciated the team spirit of all the participants and the sense of camaraderie that grows among the members and friends of Odyssey Moto Tours.
With patience and calm, we overcame the obstacles and managed, with the pleasant company of the group, to get a good dose of Italy with its incredible flavours, especially in Montaperti, and the beautiful images that would have been amazing in the sunshine!!!

A very nice experience! Excellent landscapes, generally we enjoyed very beautiful images, flavors and surprises.
The guide inspired confidence and trust, was always there for whatever we needed, with patience, in good spirits, and a SMILE.
Generally, the accommodation ranged from good to very good (top -->Rzeszów & Zakopane).

Very polite, willing, friendly, patient drivers. Very nice routes, destinations and accommodation.

C. Italy - May'23 Poland - July'22
S. Italy April '22 Romania July '21

Θεόδωρος Τσόγκας

Peristeri, GR

A motorcycle tour I have wanted to take for years. I booked the trip to Sicily with Odyssey without having to worry about anything.
Everything went perfectly and we had a great time. The programme was followed and there were pleasant surprises too.
Of course, when I travel again, Odyssey Moto Tours will be my first choice.
Sicily - April'23

Αλέξανδρος Κ.


You go on a trip, and you wonder, you have questions; will it be good, will I have a good time?
Thanasis and the guides, and Chrysa as a capable back-office support officer, have taken care of these and everything else behind the scenes.
With tremendous experience, but WITHOUT any arrogance, ALWAYS prioritizing the safety of EVERYONE, they ensure that every trip leaves only positive impressions. You see beautiful places, have surprises and the services are continuously being upgraded.
I recently finished my 3rd trip with them and have already booked the next. Odyssey moto tours, forever!
Safe travels to everyone.
Serbia - August'23 Sicily - April '23
Adriatic - September'22 Tuscany - May '22

Ξενοφών Μ.

Thessaloniki, GR

The professionalism and attention to detail in organizing the trip are at a very high level.
At the same time, the effort to satisfy the different wishes of the participants regarding the travel programme is commendable.
Sicily - April '23
S. Italy - April '22 Spain - October'21
Kastoria - June '21 Peloponesse - October'20
Sicily - April '20 Tunisia - October '19

Κώστας Ντάνος

Chalandri, GR

It was 2014 when I first participated in an organized trip. The professionalism of the team, the organization, the knowledge of routes and the sense of safety are the characteristics that make you want to travel with them again and again.
And all this, with friendliness towards the client and with a fantastic group atmosphere!
The routes are sophisticated, with an emphasis on landscapes and the driving pleasure, but also with alternatives for everyone (quick or relaxed). In terms of provisions, it really is value for money. The hotels, the food and the tours are all high level.
A support vehicle (van) has now been added too.
I have travelled 5 times with them, on my own or with someone else (with my wife and son), and every time the experience was equally enjoyable.
Thank you and I hope you keep up the excellent work!
Imathia - May '23 Bulgaria - April '22
Kastoria - June '21 Peloponesse - October '20
Imathia - June '20 Montenegro - June '14

Κωνσταντίνος Γκικάκης

Ierapetra, GR

Complete organization in everything. Correctly chosen routes and discipline - safety on the way.
Wonderful full programme.
Epirus - October '23 Imathia - May '23

Ανδρέας Πουλής

Marousi, GR

We enjoyed the ride - company - food. Well done guys for the organization! May it always be so!!
Imathia - May'23

Χρήστος Χρυσοβελίδης


Nice routes, incredible landscapes, everything planned down to the last detail, amazing hotels.
Excellent organisation and professionalism exhibited by Thanasis and his associates.
"Odyssey - Motorcycle tours" are recommended unreservedly.
Romania - July '21
Poland - August '19 Balkans - July '18

Αντώνης Μπαστάκης

Heraclion, Crete, GR

The best at what they do!
There is no doubt I'll take part in many more tours.
Spain - October '21
Tuscany - May '19 Romania - July '18

Μιχάλης Π.

Rhodes, GR

You set a goal and you can’t wait to achieve it, you are wondering where, how, with whom...And you bump into Thanasis and his associates.
And from the very first contact you realise that they are ideal to guide you through new routes with fantastic landscapes without unpleasant surprises.
Thanasis & Panagiotis, thank you for everything.
I'm looking forward to the next one.
Heart of Europe - June'23 Montenegro - August '21

Mr Konstantinos Maris


This was my first trip abroad on a motorcycle although I have 20 years of riding experience and the only downside of the whole experience is the waiting time for the next trip. Thanasis is a true professional. Supportive, knowledgeable and genuinely friendly. No wonder that the riding pace, the distances, the stops and every little detail of the trip were thoroughly thought out. Highly recommended.
Albania - October'15 Balkans - August'15
Bulgaria & Romania - August'14

Ms. Geni Cabre

Dubai, UAE

My trip to Greece last week.
Absolutely fantastic and will be the benchmark for many trips to come. 1,728km of bends, curves and hairpins. It had all sorts of roads, coast, mountains, cliffs, little towns… and it was the best of previous trips all put into one. Highly recommended for all bikers.
Contact Thanasis (in my list of friends) if you fancy doing a similar trip. I’ll certainly be repeating!

Custom tour for Dubai BMW Bike Caravan
- Sept '09

Dawn & Ray Clark

New Zealand

Thanasis and Chrysoula,
Well – what can we say. What a truly amazing experience. This was our first motorbike tour and what a way to start. Our journey started with you collecting us from the airport and then giving us a long route to our accommodation so we could see some of your city. From Day 1 you made us feel so welcome and your instructions and support on the road rules ensured safety traveling around your country. Your willingness to share your incredible knowledge about your country never phazed even though by the end of day you must have been getting sick of the questions.
This trip was a huge learning curve for us, the history of Greece, the Monasterys, Archaeology and the wonderful food and wine. This was complimented by the friendship of all the tour members which made it a very memorable occasion.
We loved every minute of the tour, even the tight curves, hairpin bends and all the S bends and we will certainly recommend your tours to other riders.
Keep up the great work and we look forward to meeting again
Dawn & Ray Clark

The Great Kiwi Greek Odyssey - May '12

Dave & Shona Deans

Dubai, UAE

Hi Thanasis
Just a small note to thank you for the bike trip to Greece, both Shona and I very much appreciated your professional attitude, in-depth knowledge of the country, genuine enthusiasm and the great hospitality shown to us.
I would have no reservation in recommending your company to other people interested in touring Greece.
I would like to compliment the prompt courteous and professional service supplied by Thanasis and Chrysa.
This is the 3rd year we have booked tours or motorcycles via Odyssey Tours and the company has once again exceeded our expectations. Their friendly assistance and proficient manner is a welcome change from the normal – “take your money and run” attitude of their competition.
Well done Odyssey tours – we will be back
Custom tour for Dubai BMW Bike Caravan - Sept '09 “Greece ’10 -The North” custom tour - Sept '10
Motorcycle rental - Aug '11

Mr. Steffen Schubert

Dubai, UAE

A wonderful introduction into the lesser known regions of Greece! I shall definitely book another tour and shall recommend Odyssey Tours to friends.
Custom tour for Dubai BMW Bike Caravan - Sept '09 “Greece ’10 -The North” custom tour - Sept '10

Mr. Peter Van Veyeren

Dubai, UAE

When you have a great holiday where everything is perfectly organized, hosts who cater for all your needs you think it can’t be repeated.
Well think again, this is the second tour I have done with Thanasis, Chrysa and Seb and it was even better.
You are a great team.
Before you can think of anything they have it covered. It is difficult to find words to thank you enough for a really great trip, AGAIN.
Fondest regards
Custom tour for Dubai BMW Bike Caravan - Sept '09 “Greece ’10 -The North” custom tour - Sept '10

Mr. George Argyropoulos

Torondo, Canada

Hi Thanassi,
I would like to thank you you and Chrysa for all you did for me and the group! It was a pleasure riding with you and calling you a friend in the future.
From all of us a very warm thank you and hope to see you soon again.
> “Lilyboys in Greece ” custom tour - April '11

Mr. Dave Robinson

Dubai, UAE

Odyssey Tours made sure our group had an excellent time, saw interesting and diverse parts of Greece and really got under the skin of the country.
We had a fantastic time and the organization was flawless. Excellent service and very friendly and helpful – as always
Dear Thanasi
I wanted to write on behalf of the group to thank you for the superb service and support on our recent bike tour in Greece.
The whole group were exceedingly pleased with the trip and enjoyed every minute of the experience of Greece whether it was the excellent roads, the amazing food or the stunning scenery. Your knowledge of Greek history and culture were greatly appreciated by all of us (especially me!) and we had probably our best bike trip abroad with your support.
The trip would not have been half as good if we had not had your expert and friendly support and advice throughout – as well as your company and practical support on the road. Many thanks from all of us from the Dubai BMW Bike Caravan.
Needless to say the best endorsement we can possibly give you is our repeat business and I will be in touch soon to discuss Greece 2010 – The NORTH!. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year and to meeting Chrysa when we come to the North of Greece to discover the other parts of the Zagarochoria and the Ipirus, Greek Macedonia and Thraki.
In the meantime I will make sure we recommend you to other bike groups in Dubai and the Middle East.
Best wishes
Custom tour for Dubai BMW Bike Caravan - Sept '09 “Greece ’10 -The North” custom tour - Sept '10

Mr Jason Patsios

Atlanta, U.S.A.

Very organized motorcycle tour. Odyssey had everything covered from beginning to end. I had a solo tour and they checked on me every step of the way.
The custom itinerary they created for me was well thought out as well as places of interest along the way. The accommodations/inn keepers were very nice and personable too.
One of my most memorable trips. I will recommend to any moto traveller with plans to visit this region.
Solo / custom motorcycle tour - July '18 Solo / custom motorcycle tour - May '12

David “Rusty” Wright

New Zealand

Dear Thanasis,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip, I will remember it and you for a long long time. Your caring and understanding of our group was so good even in the not so good times (when people got lost)!
However I hope you to enjoyed the trip as I could see so much passion in what you had to show us all.
The routes you took us, the hotels, the meals and above all your kindness was what made it so good for me.
Also thank you for collecting me and delivering back to the airport, [……]
I hope I can see you and your wife again soon. And wish you well.
I will keep in touch with you and hope I can come back to Greece.
Take care, David (Rusty)
The Great Kiwi Balkans Greek Odyssey - May '16 The Great Kiwi Greek Odyssey - May '12

Leslie Zella Cleverly

Hull, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for a FABULOUS motorcycle trip!
I enjoyed every second – the spectacular views, wonderful food, great riding and most of all your company, made for a wonderful trip.
Experiencing the history of Greece by being there is unforgettable. Each day uncovered new, unexpected delights – from history to geology to archaeology to wonderful (and lots of) gastronomy!
It was perfect. Can ‘t wait ’til next time. Efharisto again

The Great Kiwi Greek Romania Odyssey - June '18
The Great Kiwi Balkans Greek Odyssey - May '16 The Great Kiwi Greek Odyssey - May '12

Βασίλης Ψαρράς

Athens, GR

True professionals ..!
Everything was wonderful on our trip, excellent choice of accommodation, amazing routes...
Thanks to the whole team

Balkans - July '19 Tuscany - May '18

Βαγγέλης Παπαδάκης

Heraclion, Crete, GR

Just try it! Incredible organisation!
Montenegro - August '22 Spain - October '21
Tuscany - May '19 Romania - July '18

Κων/νος Γεωργοστάθης

Patras, GR

Thank you, Thanasis and Stavros, for the epic trip on the Dolomites and other Italian Alps!! It is an once-in-a-lifetime journey and you made sure it is safe, beautiful, of high quality... I will definitely travel with you again on the next trip that will suit me and until then keep going!
< Dolomites - July '19

Νικόλαος Ν.

Athens, GR

This is the definition of a motorcycle holiday!
You don't get involved in the preparation of the trip and you just enjoy it.
Thanasis and his associates’ presence is a catalyst.
I heartily recommend this to people who have no experience of travelling abroad and people who don't like or want to be involved in organising the trip.
Thanasis will probably do it better, effectively and more safely. I'll definitely go again.
Dolomites - July '19

Δήμος Κ.

Kavala, GR

Excellent organisation, a unique experience.
Thanasis and Stelios were excellent, well done Odyssey Tours team.
That was the first time I participated in such a trip, and it was only the beginning!
I recommend it to everyone.
Adriatic - September '23
Rhodope - September '19 Balkans - July '19

Νικόλαος Χ.

Athens, Gr

Excellent organisation, with a friendly approach, professionalism and safety!
It is a unique experience every time I choose it in order to admire new scenery and have new experiences with my motorcycle!
Thanasis and Stavros, thank you warmly!
Pv Balkans - September '22 Pv Alps - September '21
Aspropotamos - September '21 Endurance - June '20
Romania - July '19 Endurance - June '19
S. Italy - April '19 Bulgaria - October '18
Alps - September '18 Montenegro - June '18

Σ. Κ.

Thessaloniki, GR

The organisation as well as the behaviour of the organisers and escorts were excellent.
Also, a very nice group of people.
We are looking forward to our next trip!
Romania - July '19

Νώντας Ι.

Rhodes, GR

We visited beautiful places, in terms of both natural beauty and driving.
Thanasis and Stavros, who are knowledgeable, experienced and always smiling, offered us an unforgettable trip full of laughter and an incredible sense of safety throughout.
Another advantage were the other members of the group who started as companions and became our friends very soon.
Trust them, don't even think about it!!!
Poland 2022. Another unique experience with beautiful riding.
Black Sea - August '23 Poland - July '22
Tuscany - July '21 Romania - July '19

Κώστας Φίλης

Athens, GR

A wonderful trip that surpassed our expectations due to the perfect organisation, excellent escorts and friendly atmosphere!

The implementation of smaller separate groups is for us a very good move, along with the addition of the support vehicle!
Everything, as always, was perfectly organized! Keep it up! P.S. When will the new trips be posted?
A habit that became a passion, no matter what I say, it is not enough.
Excellent organization, with a friendly approach, professionalism, and above all safety!
Thank you for everything, Thanasis-Tolis-Panagiotis!
So far, my wife and I have taken 3 trips with you (Romania - Kastoria - Tuscany), and EVERY TIME we returned, you left us with the best impressions on ALL LEVELS!
We are eagerly awaiting next year's trips! This alone means a lot!!! You have won us over with your merits!!!!
Adriatic - September '23 C. Italy - May '23
Poland - July '22 S. Italy - April '22
Poland - August '22 Tuscany - July '21
Kastoria - September '20 Romania - July '19

Απόστολος Μαλουσούδης

Orestiada, GR

Everyone was excellent, as always.
You're the top at what you do and, as you know, the hardest part is maintaining this standard.
If you keep it up, you will achieve this.
Cappadocia - August ‘22 Dolomites - June '22
S. Italy - April '22 Imathia - March '22
Bulgaria - September '21 Odessa - September '21
Bosnia - August '21 Dolomites - July '21
Kastoria - June '21 Imathia - July '21
Kastoria - September '20 Aspropotamos - September '20
Romania - July '20 Endurance - July '20
Imathia - June '20 Rhodope - September '19
Poland - August '19 Dolomites - June '19
Endurance Odyssey - June ΄19 Rhodope - May '19
Bulgaria - May '19 Imathia - October '18
Balkans - July '18 Buulgaria - May '19
Sicily - April '18 Tuscany - May '17

Χρήστος Κουτσούκος

Athens, GR

Professionalism, seriousness, respect towards the participants.
Perfect choice of accommodation. But above all, wonderful choice of partners.
The first experience was perfect. I'm sure more will follow.
Alps - September '18

Χρήστος & Σοφία

Athens, GR

We participated in the trip of Tuscany in 2018. It was our first trip abroad.
It was an unforgettable experience...on the one hand, the wonderful routes that were also landmarks and, on the other hand, the impeccable navigation by Thanasis and Stavros!
Odyssey organised the trip perfectly, and that is why we, as participants, experienced a very nice atmosphere. Here’s to the next trip! ( X )
Our first trip was in Tuscany! Unforgettable experience, awesome routes.....!!
Odyssey had organised the route very well, Thanasis was the perfect navigator and the group got along since day one!
Balkans - June '19 Tuscany - May '18

Νικόλας Καστής

Leros, GR

I am from Leros and travelled with my wife.
It was a truly perfect motorcycle trip: advanced routes with incredible scenery that no one could find using a GPS, everything planned down to the last detail and amazing hotels.
I highly recommend it to friends and we are looking forward to the next one.
Balkans - July '18

Χρήστος Πάτσης

Drama, GR

Professionalism, a sense of responsibility, organisation, and willingness to cover more distance and explore alternative routes...what else can one ask for?
I went on the trip in the Balkans in 2018 (9 days) on my own and had a great time.
Of course I'll go on another trip, if God allows.
Sicily - April '23 Cappadocia - August '22
Endurance Odyssey - June '22 Poland - August '19
Endurance Odyssey - June '19 S. Italy - April '19
Phodope - October '18 Balkans - July '18

Σταμάτης & Νικολέτα

Thessaloniki, GR

Impeccable organization, exemplary professionalism, wonderful company and atmosphere.
Amazing that you organized 30 motorcycles without us feeling insecure for a single moment.
Thank you for the wonderful trip, we are looking forward to the next one!

If you want to take motorcycle trips, don't hesitate to trust Thanasis... impeccable professional, impeccable behaviour, awesome routes, a sense of camaraderie and cooperation to the fullest among the members of the trip, you feel like a member of the team from the first acquaintance... we are eagerly awaiting the next trip we can participate in...
Thank you Thanasis (and Christos).. Thank you to the entire "old" team...

Imathia - June'20
Rodopi - May'19 Rodopi - May'18

Μιχάλης Κ.


When you manage to organize 16 motorcycles simultaneously and not even the slightest goes wrong, the least you deserve is warm congratulations!!
After the first time, you are looking forward to finding time for the second outing!!
They earn your respect and trust!

Kastoria - September'20 Romania - August'17

Νικόλας Υ.

Thessaloniki, GR

A team with a very well-organised schedule and a good judgment when contingency management is required.
The focus is on the contact with nature and the sense of "companionship". Each motorcycle tour has its own personality.
It is a unique experience offered by people who have combined the passion for their job with professionalism.
Safe trips with a positive attitude, exemplary support and balance... beyond driving.
It is what we say "I will remember it for a long time".
Heart of Europe - June '23 Endurance - June '22
Spain - October '21 Endurance - June '21
Romania - July '19 Phodope - May '19
Turkey - August '18 Bulgaria - September '17
Balkans - August '17 1000km W/E - October '16

Ι. Ζ.

Volos, GR

This is a great example of professionalism that is still warm and approachable.
It sets the bar high in leased, organized motorcycle tourism — not only nationally.
Let’s all be well and travel together!
Balkans - August '17 Romania - July '15

Δαμιανός Σταθάτος

Kefallonia, GR

The tour was great!!!
A very good company, nice routes, beautiful landscapes!!!
The attractions on the journey were excellent and the two overnight stays at the same accommodation were very restful and relaxing!!!!
S. Spain - October '23
Adriatic - September '22 Odessa - September '21
Tuscany - May '19 Sicily - April '18
Poland - July '17 Bulgaria - May '17
Pyrenees - July '16 San Marino MotoGP - September '15
Romania - June '15 Spain - April '15
Alps - July '15 Romania - June '15
Adriatic - July '14 Turkey - August '13

Γιώργος Κ.

Ierapetra, Crete, GR

Timeless value !! The best!
Black Sea - August '23 Romania - July '19
Turkey - August '18 Poland - July '17
Pyrenees - July '16 Alps - July '15
Balkans - July '14 Romania - July '13

Σταύρος Σιγάλας

Athens, GR

A magical experience with experienced people.
Well done and congratulations, Thanasis and Stelios.
Romania - June '18
Phodope - September '17 Alps - June '17

Δημήτρης Σόρκος

Lamia, GR

I'm so glad we managed to go on this trip with amazing Thanasis leading us and amazing Stelios picking up the pieces.
The trip was full of beautiful landscapes and twists, and plenty of laughter!!!!!!!
Romania - June '18
Rhodope - September '17 Alps - June '17

Ιωάννης Σαλάτας

Athens, GR

It was only a coincidence that I went on the tour to Montenegro.
Any reservations I had - as a first- time participant – were proven wrong since the start.
Conclusion: a very nice 8-day tour...
Tuscany - May '18 Montenegro - June '17

Στάθης Χαρίσης

Lamia, GR

Perfect organisation, professionalism and a good mood!
Thanasis and Stelios were just wonderful and helped us enjoy our tour.
Throughout the tour, we felt that we were travelling with very good friends! Thanks and hope to see you again!
Turkey - August '19
Rhodope - September '17 Alps - June '17

Γεράσιμος Ζήρος

Athens, GR

I was completely satisfied on all levels and since it is unnecessary to say much, count me in from now (God willing) for the Tuscany trip next year.
Thank you for everything.

Romania - July'20 Alps - June'17

Ιωάννης Φαναριώτης

Athens, GR

The impressions we got are very positive.
Well done to all of you for the effort you make.

Alps - Ιούνιος '17

Νίκος Κούρτης

Pyrgos, GR

This was the first time, and everything was perfect on the tour!!
Your company is excellent and Thanasis is measured and proper.
There is no doubt that I will travel with you several more times!
Odessa - September '21 Endurance - June '21
Romania - July '19 Endurance Odyssey - June '19
Bulgaria - October '18 Alps - June '17

Απόστολος & Βάσω Λεπιδα

Volos, GR

Thank you for the wonderful journey, the perfect service, the information, the nature that we admired, the freedom and we will definitely do this again.
Cappadocia - August '22
Bosnia - August'21 Balkans - June '19
Romania - August '17 Bulgaria - June '17

Δημήτρης Κ.

Athens, GR

The organization, the accommodation, the company, the driver, the places, the stops, the hotel.
The professionalism, the friendliness, I really don't know what to say first about what I liked.
I'm already looking forward to the next moto tour!

Thanasis and Stelios are not just the guides of the trip; they are "friends" who have taken care of every detail of the trip, allowing me in this way to enjoy the driving and the places I visit.
We will definitely meet again!

Άλπεις - September'18 Τουρκία - August'18
Βαλκάνια - August΄17 Βουλγαρία - June'17

Κωνσταντίνος Α.

Thessaloniki, GR

Thank you for this wonderful experience!
! I hope our obligations will let us meet again and escape the daily grind that overwhelms us.

Bulgaria - April'17

Μιχάλης Οικονόμου

Volos, GR

After the first trial participation in a trip, we are seriously considering leaving the solitary trips (with all the hassles of organizing routes-accommodation etc.) & travelling only with Odyssey - Motorcycle Tours.
Everything was very well organized & executed with great precision.
A beautiful experience & surely more will follow.
I hope the whole team is always well.

Epirus- October'23
Black Sea- August'23 Heart of Europe - June'23
Sicily- April'23 Adriatic - September'22
Romania- July '22 Dolomites - June '22
Romania- June '22 Bulgaria - April '22
Peloponesse- October'20 Zagorochoria - October'20
Kastoria - September'20 Aspropotamos - September'20
Romania - June '20 Endurance - June '20
Poland - August '19 Balkans - July'19
Endurance Odyssey - June '19 Rodopi - May '19
Ροδόπη - October'18 Alps - September'18
Bulgaria - April'18 Sicily - April'18
Bulgaria - April'17 Tuscany - May'17
Montenegro - June'17 Bulgaria - September'17

Βασίλης Λίλιος

Thessaloniki, GR

Very good organization, fantastic routes with very good company.
Well done, keep it up.

Rhodopi - October '18 Rhodopi - May '17
Meteora - April '16 Pelion - April '17

Ιωάννης Ξ.


Very good organization, beautiful routes, pleasant company.

Rhodopi - September'19
Endurance Odyssey - June '19 Poland - July '17
Montenegro - Jine '17 Weekend with..1000 - October'16
Bulgaria - September'16 Albania - July'16

Άννα Β.

Crete, GR

Very well-organised tours with beautiful routes where you always feel safe because of Thanasis who takes care of every single detail of the tours and resolves everything that comes up with tranquility.
All the best, so we can also join you on the various routes!

Another beautiful and well-organised journey by Thanasis!!

Romania - July '19
Turkey - August '13 Balkans - August '15

Ιωάννης Παπαστεργίου

Thessaloniki, GR

Very good organization, flexibility and love for what somebody does is a combination that ensures success.

Sicily - April '18
Bulgaria - May '15 Tuscany - May '16

Αλέξανδρος Σ.

Thessaloniki, GR

Amazing routes, excellent organization and always in a good mood and with great company!
Every trip gives motivation for the next. If I didn't work in the summer months, I would participate in many more moto tours..

Imathia - October'18 Rodopi - May'18
Bulgaria - May’15 Meteora - April'16
Rodopi - May’16

Δημήτρης Λιάτης

Athens, GR

All the best, we hope you’re always inventive and have beautiful ideas for your tours.
Thank you so much for the experience!!!!
Epirus - October '23
Adriatic - September '23 Dolomites - July '21
Roumeli - June '21 Poland - August '19
Turkey - August '18 Balkans - August '17
Romania - August '16 Meteora - April '16
Tuscany - June '15 Montenegro - June '14

Βασίλης Ανδριανόπουλος

Thessaloniki, GR

I have written this again, this is uniquely professional work by people who really love what they do – I’d also add now, with full consistency and continuity.
I hope your mileage increases and you keep it up.
Black Sea - August '23
Dolomites Junes '22 Bulgaria - April '22
Dolomites July '21 Endurance - June '21
Peloponesse October '20 Zagorochoria - October '20
Aspropotamos - September '20 Endurance Odyssey - June '20
Rhodope - September '19 Endurance Odyssey - June '19
Rhodope - May '19 South Italy - April '19
Rhodope - October '18 Rhodope - May '18
Rhodope - May '17 Small roads, sore butts & junk food - April '17
1000km W/E - October '16 Xanthi - October '16
Albania - August '16 Rhodope - May '16
Meteora - April '16 Albania - October'15
Bulgaria - September '15 Balkans - August '15
Bulgaria - May '15 Montenegro - June '14
Bulgaria - April '14 Bulgaria - April '13

Γιώργος Σαμαράς

Katerini, GR

Well done, guys. Keep up the very good work - we will see you again in person on another trip.

Because of Thanasis, you can enjoy really special routes – trips and a flawless organisation every time.

Alps & MotoGP - September '18
Rhodope - May '18 Romania - August '17
Bulgaria - April '17 1000km W/E - October'16
San Marino MotoGP - September '15 Montenegro - June '14

Θωμάς Πλιώσκας

Thessaloniki, GR

Thanasis really does what he promises and even more.
The routes are designed with the driving pleasure, beauty and attractions in mind. The group moves at a satisfying pace for everyone and, wherever possible, those who wish are given the opportunity to speed up a bit.
Really, if someone doesn't have the ability or time to organize a trip, the moto-tours solution is, I think, a one-way street and I highly recommend it. I will definitely participate in a trip in 2015.

Bulgaria - May '15 Bulgaria - April '14

Στέργιος Σ.

Thessaloniki, GR

The intervention and coordination in the trip are done with such naturalness that it is not at all pressing or annoying in general on the one hand, and the balance of safety in the driving pleasure and alternative routes in case they are needed (without them lacking in beauty and safety) is also kept on the other hand.
Rare consistency and professionalism where in the cases you encounter it, one of the basic prerequisites is also the love for what you do. I hope to travel more days with you in 2015.

Montenegro - May'14 Bulgaria - April'14

Ματθαίος Ματθαιάδης

Athens, GR

Life is too short to be wasted meaninglessly, our days require flexibility and plans require change. In the same way, I dreamed of somewhere else, planned for somewhere else and ended up somewhere else (how original!).
As a lover of solitary trips, I struggled with the proposal of my friend Giannis Tsiopelakos to participate in the organized trip to Romania, something I did not regret for a moment.
On the contrary, I caught myself learning the concept of travelling in the company of unknown people. Because this is what Thanasis offers and the “Motorcycle Trips” have exactly this meaning, to put you in the shoes of the traveller and not the tourist.
Freed from the anxiety of accommodation, you have nothing else to do but to blend with the road, read the route, and experience nature, the country, the people, what a trip is about.
A big thank you for the great experience you gave me, for the companionship and professionalism that distinguishes you and I wish you all the best.
It was a great honour to travel with you.

Albania - September'15 Romania - July'15

Θεόδωρος Θεοδώρου

Thessaloniki, GR

I was blown away by the two days moto-tour in Bansko.
Zagorochoria - October '20 Bulgaria - May '19
Sicily - April '18 Bulgaria - April '17
Pelion - April '17 Bulgaria - September '16
Romania - August '16 Tuscany - May'16
Meteora - April '16 Bulgaria - September'15

Νίκος Ποταμίτης

Athens, GR

The moto tours are fantastic! Perfect organization, nice routes, very nice hotels.
There is very good cooperation on the routes. I have no complaints. Everything is perfect!
I hope you are always well, guys!
First chance I will join again. Thank you!

Balkans - August'15

Δαμιάνα Κουτσομίχα

Thessaloniki, GR

I don't ride a motorcycle, yet I followed as a co-passenger to Zagorochoria on my first major motorcycle tour. There were a few challenges due to the weather.
Thanasis' confidence, stemming from his knowledge, experience and professionalism, left me with the most positive impressions and made me feel safe.
In the end, looking back on this trip, the 'journey' is what matters.

Zagorochoria - October'15

Μιχαήλ Μόμας

Thessaloniki, GR

I have already recommended the agency to two friends who will participate in the next trip taking place to Meteora in April.
I was completely satisfied with the trip I took with moto-tours to Zagorochoria for the first time and I am sure that I will follow their programme as much as I can.
I highly recommend that anyone who likes group motorcycle trips in a friendly environment, without extreme situations, tries moto-tours. Once again, congratulations..

Rodopi - May'19
Tuscany - May'17 Pelion - April'17
Bulgaria - September'16 Rodopi - May'16
Meteora - April'16 Zagorochoria - March'16

Αντώνης Σταματάκης

Thessaloniki, GR

The trips are always organized and interesting. The routes are for all driving abilities.
The landscapes make you want to travel again as soon as you return. The relationships that are built after the trips are strong.
Thank you - both my wife Jenny and I - for the unforgettable experiences.
I am looking forward to the next trip.
Dolomites - July'21 Endurance - June'21
Zagorochoria - October'20 Endurance Odyssey - June'20
Rodopi - September'19 Endurance Odyssey - June'19
Rodopi- May'19 S. Italy- April'19
Rodopi - October'18 Rodopi - May'18
Romania - August'17 Rodopi - May'17
Small roads, sore butts & junk food - April'17 W/K with…1000 - October'16
Mountainous Xanthi - October'16 Albania - August'16
Rodopi- May'16 Meteora- April'16
Pentalofos - November'15 Bulgaria - September'15

Σάκης Κ. & Δήμητρα Μ.


Once again, very good trip planning. Overall, a difficult trip, due to the nature of the country we drove through, which was carried out with professionalism and precision, with respect for the travellers and their needs.
Perhaps our expectations for the places we passed through were different, but the benefit is to get to know new destinations, make new friends, and ultimately the value is in the trip.
Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Perfect organization, amazing hotels, incredible & unforgettable passages and landscapes.
A lot of laughter and good company.
Thank you, see you soon!!
Black Sea- August'23
Bulgaria- October'22 Dolomites- June'22
Alps - September'21 Dolomites - July'21
Zagorochoria - October'20 Aspropotamos - September'20
Poland - August'19 Romania - July'19
Balkans - June'19 Bulgaria - October '18
Rodopi - October'18 Alps - September'18
Turkey - August'18 Sicily - April'18
Balkans - August'17 Poland - July'17
Romania - August’16 San Marino MotoGP - September'15

Βασίλειος Γερμανός

Thessaloniki, GR

Perfect organization, wonderful routes, unique professionalism.
I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take a nice motorcycle tour.
I am looking forward to the 2017 programme.
Dolomites - July'21
Kastoria- May'21 Zagorochoria- October'20
Rodopi- September'19 S. Italy- April'19
Rodopi - October'18 Rodopi- May'17
Small roads, sore butts & junk food- April'17 W/K with…1000- October’16
Mountainous Xanthi- October ’16 Romania- August ’16
Albania - August ’16 Tuscany- May’16
Rodopi- May’16 Meteora- April ’16
Balkans - August ’15 Bulgaria- May’15
Turkey- August’14 Montenegro- May’14
Rodopi- April’14 Rodopi- April’13

Αντώνιος Μπελτραν

Athens, GR

The best motorcycle travel agency in Greece!
The best of all... Make Life a Ride.
Thanasis, you are unbeatable (perfect organization, fantastic hotels and unforgettable routes). You will remember the song “I won't change you for anything” ...hahaha. I hope you are always well and creative.
Waiting for your new travel routes…
S. Spain -October΄23 Bosnia - July'22
Balkans - June '19 Bulgaria - October'18
Romania - June'18 Poland - July'17
W.K with…1000 - October’16 Bulgaria - September’16
Albania - August ’16 Tuscany - May’16

Ηλίας Καργκόγλου

Thessaloniki, GR

I will definitely travel with you again... it was our first trip with you and what I have to say is that it was the best organized trip I have seen.
Well done for your professionalism and keep it up, so that we can safely enjoy what we like: Travels with the motorcycle.
Kastoria - June '21
Romania - July '20 Bulgaria - May'19